Hello and welcome,

my name is Patrick Prill. I am a tester, test manager and QA lead now for over 10 years. I hold certifications for ISEB Test Foundation (2004) and ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager (2005).
From that time on I invested barely any time in reading about testing or self education. And my former company joined in by giving me mostly project management training for the last couple of years.
In October 2012 there was a webinar by EuroStar Conferences with Michael Bolton, about the topic “Regression testing”. I totally enjoyed this hour of talking about definitions and splitting hairs of these terms. My testing enthusiasm was reignited.

When finally switching companies in January 2013, which brought me to change my way of traveling to work from driving myself by car and sometimes bike, to using commuter trains in Munich. The newly won time I use now mainly in reading blogs, articles, books and all stuff I find about testing.

My new job brought me back from only test managing / coordinating to a 50% testers role. I am absolutley thankful for this mixture in my daily job. Part time test coordination, test managing, reporting, and team lead. And part time testing the software myself. Now I have to learn testing again, and this is great!

To organize my thoughts and ideas about testing, I started this blog.

Why “Pappy”?
That is in reference to one of my nicknames I got in my old company. My name’s abbreviation was PAP, and a few colleagues used this to call me “PAPpy”.

What else?
When I’m not testing or thinking about testing, I enjoy time with my wife and my daughter, or I spend time in the workshop mostly turning wood.


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  1. Hi
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    Hope to hear back from you on this as soon as possible.

    Thank you.

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