Time to give something back…

It’s been a tough year for me with highs and lows. And to keep it short for a change, I’m coming right to the point.

With the amazing support of a great group of people, Kristine and I were able to launch the first TestBash Germany. And at the end, who would have thought in the beginning, we were also making some profit for the Ministry.

Apart from some TestBash tickets for myself and finally a Pro Dojo account, I gave most of my share to the scholarship program of the Ministry of Testing to do more great stuff and support the future generation of badass testers.

I won’t know who will benefit from this donation, and this is fine for me, as I prefer to stay in the background anyway. But I want to make one donation that is in my control. I got myself one ticket to give away for the Mother of all TestBashes in Brighton on March 16th 2018.

Please use the comments on this blog to apply yourself or suggest somebody else for the conference day ticket. Please give a good reason, why you or the person you suggest would deserve to visit TestBash Brighton 2018.

You can apply or suggest someone for the ticket until January, 7th 2018. I will decide who will get the ticket by January, 13th 2018.

What I want in return? Nothing. It would be great to see a blog post from that person’s TestBash experience, but you don’t have to. All I expect is that the person shows up and has a great day at TestBash Brighton.

Disclaimer: This is only the admission for the conference day of TestBash 2018 on March 16th in Brighton, UK. No travel or accommodation included. I decide who gets the free ticket.

If you don’t want to publicly share your story, why you think you deserve the ticket, you can share it with me at info (at) testpappy (dot) com.

UPDATE: Thanks to the amazing Danny Dainton and Matthew Parker who throw in an additional £150 to cover a good part of travel and accommodation costs.


And the winner is… Samantha Flaherty.


8 thoughts on “Time to give something back…”

  1. We plan to launch testautonation.com beginning of 2018 (an online platform where we provide awesome software testing content to the community) and attending testBash will help us get our name out there by covering/writing about all the interesting talks we attend and our overall experience of the testBash conference through our website using blogposts. Thank you for the opportunity and happy holidays 🙂

  2. I would love to attend TestBash next year! I work at a VR company and I’m trying to improve the QA and testing practices in our products and across the team. I learned a great deal from my first testing conference and I think attending TestBash would be a great environment for me to improve on existing knowledge and learn new things while being around a lot of people that are so passionate about testing.

  3. Hello, I would love to go to this conference next year. I am from Argentina, and I am having a business trip to London in March. I am passionate about testing, we have a local community called TestingAr and this would make me very happy! We plan to do something like this in the future.


  4. I am Prakriti, I am from India but have recently taken the plunge of coming to London and experience testing here and how its different from the traditional “off-shore” accounts in India .
    I would love to make newer connections in the testing industry and share what we do in publishing at SpringerNature . Esp with the focus of how to test in production. The UnExpo seems like a great space for this.
    I also have a lot of junior QAs working with me, it will be a great opportunity to learn and share back with them on what they should be picking up in their testing career [too many QAs are learning the wrong things and dont feel empowered enough]

    And Ofcourse I want to start blogging and this will be a perfect opportunity !

  5. What an incredible opportunity! . As a fairly new Tester it would allow me to keep on growing within the Testing world and learning from the incredible people that are in that world. TesBash Brighton is definitely on my bucket list!

  6. I don’t know if I should say I deserve it or don’t. As I think any tester with whatever experience and knowledge will only come back more enriched from Testbash or any similar event. I will add a bit about what I think about contributing back to Testing craft.
    Off late, I always feel I have lot to give back to testers around, which I do through my talks with to team, on my blog or on testing forums like STH or on Quora or responding to emails. But I do it in my own way, in my own words. But lot of that is what I think about something. Someone who goes a lot with his gut. But I believe, none of us can do more or learn more than all of us. Attending such an event and meeting so many knowledgeable and friendly people will only add to my knowledge base or should I rather call it as an ‘Give Back’ base. Event and talks will give me pointers and rest I am confident that my mind will make something interesting out of it. Or at least take things/lessons as is. Immediate ‘give back’ will be when I return from Testbash with everything I learned documented in Evernote and present it to my team while sharing my experience. I did this after attending Global Testing Retreat, Pune chapter last year and both me and team enjoyed it.
    This pitch again wasn’t structured. I shared what I felt at the very instance. Fingers crossed. Nevertheless, anyone who gets to attend it in whichever way will cherish it. Cheers!!!

  7. I’ve been a tester / automation engineer / quality owner for quite a while, but I’ve always been pretty much disconnected from the testing community. I’ve set myself to go to as many testing conferences as I can in 2018 to change this.
    More than looking for what I can gain from being a part of these events, I also want to find out the best possible ways I can contribute back to this community. I’m going to try to speak about my own experiences at least in one of them, further down the line.

    Plus, March 16th is my birthday, so there’s that… 🙂

  8. Long time no speak test pappy! I’d like to put myself forward because if you can’t look after yourself first, how can you expect to look after others!?

    My main reason is that lately, I’ve been struggling to love and enjoy testing if I’m honest. Challenges that I rose to before like reducing automated test run cycle times, which I was able to do very well and basically sold myself on…..are seeming a lot less interesting. I’m getting my work done but I’m definitely more distracted and need to motivate myself more than before. While reading your post I tried to think of the last time I was excited about testing and it was Testbash Belfast, it was class to meet some of the familiar faces of Ministry of Testing. That night I understood EXACTLY why Testbash was different compared to other conferences, especially the one we met at just a few years ago. The community feeling is so strong, it really felt like it was more about the people than the subject matter, I remember fondly riding a bit of a high after the event and feeling it was only onwards and upwards from there.

    Like you I’ve had a tough 2017 with many new highs, but also some new lows. I think Testbash Brighton will give me something to be excited about in testing again. I actually have a draft blog post on Testbash Belfast that needs some attention and that would be ready to post on my blog….when I get around to creating a blog! Considering you’re offering a motivating prize, how about if you pick me, I’ll get my blog up and running, with my Testbash Belfast post and others, before Testbash Brighton comes around? If you think that deadline is too easy, I’ll let you pick a new one that’s tougher! Even if you don’t select me, thank you for the motivation, I’ve needed it, reading your post alone triggered some very useful thoughts I’ve been able to write down some plans for.

    P.S. Danny and Matthew are being far too kind with their donation, I couldn’t possibly accept it so I opt either to return it to the two kind gentlemen or otherwise, I’ll throw in another £50 and we can put it towards another conference ticket or different prize for someone?

    P.P.S When will we cross paths again!?


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