State of Testing Survey 2016

[UPDATE] The State of Testing Survey Report 2016 is now available here! Thanks everyone for participating! [/UPDATE]


Usually I like to write long posts trying to explain my thoughts, but this time I’ll keep it short.

Unless you are living under a rock you should be aware of the “State of Testing” survey. PractiTest and the awesome test magazine “Tea Time with Testers” is organizing the 3rd state of testing survey. And guess what, the booth is open and it’s not too late to participate.

It’s already the biggest survey in the field of software testing with over 900 participants last year, and the goal for 2016 is to find more than 1000 testers willing to participate, making the survey even more valuable.

If you care about your profession as a software tester, and you want to contribute to the community, simply go here and help with your feedback by taking the survey for 2016.

You are not sure what to expect from the survey? Well you better take a look at the 2015 report and see for yourself.

And please don’t forget to tell others in your company, via your social media sites or at local meetups. Spread the word!



One thought on “State of Testing Survey 2016”

  1. “Unless you are living under a rock you should be aware of the “State of Testing” survey.” Based on survey – many, too many testers lives under a rocks. Or do we really have more test managers than testers?

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