EuroSTAR 2015 – my first day in review

This is just to say, that I had a first great day at EuroSTAR. I was meeting a lot of old and new and brand new people. Sometimes you realize how small the world of testing is, and sometimes how big it is.

Thank you to team EuroSTAR. It’s a wonderful experience after only half a day.

Don’t worry, I will write more about my first day. But first I need some sleep.


I am writing this about the first day even if the second day is just coming to an end.

After about 6 hours of travelling I arrived at the venue, registered and met the EuroSTAR team the first time in real live. I am thankful that you gave me the chance to join you here in Maastricht.

When I turned around I ran into Richard Bradshaw and Huib Schoots and went to lunch with them, so my first contact with the conference was a bit delayed, but it was good to start with some familiar faces, even if it’s Richard and Huib. Just kidding.

Then I went down to the Expo and tried to get sorted where the Testlab is, where the Community Huddle is, and trying to meet some of the people I wanted to say hello to, first time in real life. The location was nicely chosen amidst all the sponsors in the Expo, which made it a humming place all day, even during tracks, when most people were enjoying the talks. EuroSTAR is my first bigger conference (of only two overall, so not much to compare with) and it was amazing to see so many people involved in software testing in one place.

At 1:30pm the Conference part of EuroSTAR officially started with the introduction by Ruud Teunissen and the keynote from Richard van Hooijdonk. You can read about that here.

After that I went to meet more people some again, some for the first time in real life. And I met the Community blogger Colin Cherry, or should I say Klaas Kers. It was wonderful to finally meet Colin in person. He is such a wonderful and insightful person, it was a pleasure to meet up with him every now and then during the conference and exchange thoughts on what we just experienced. You can read Colin’s blog posts all on the TestHuddle.


Then I was off to “Can Testers Lead DevOps Adoption? Yes We Can!” with Sujay Honnamane. He gave a short overview of the key elements of the DevOps approach, and it is a lot to conquer. But how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! So you have to start somewhere and implement the tools and automate the processes. Sujay described his challenge with his team, that sounded like a scenario that could happen at my place as well, and it happened at several other places already, from what I heard from speaking with other testers. But the ecosystem of a DevOps environment is quite complicated and you have to get the most out of it. Sadly he ran out of time, so several agenda points were not covered in the talk. But I am looking forward to the slides to read some more and find out more about the tools used in DevOps. All in all a good DevOps talk, but sadly delivered only half of the promised content. But with not much background knowledge about DevOps it was a start about the components, approaches and common struggles with DevOps.

As a tester working in an environment with nearly no automation, it sounds like a lot to change and introduce. But it would be interesting to make an analysis of what we gain with such an approach and what we would loose.

After spending an hour in the testlab to mingle with the wonderful TestLabRats I enjoyed the keynote from Kristoffer Nordström about “Kanban Testing and Lego”. You can read it all here.

It would be not a testing conference, if it would be over after the closing keynote of the day. About 4 buses full of people went off to Château Neercanne, a one-star restaurant placed in a 17th century castle. It was a lovely location, dinner was delicious, and I enjoyed chatting with the great folks at my table. And I learned some new stuff about kosher food that evening, thanks to sitting vis-a-vis of Shmuel Gershon.

After writing my two keynote blog posts, a long and eventful day ended. Stay tuned for more about day 2.

IMG_3748 IMG_3750 IMG_3753 IMG_3754

2 thoughts on “EuroSTAR 2015 – my first day in review”

  1. Great summary of happenings at EuroSTAR Patrick, amazing level of details, thanks for sharing. Wanted to let you know about my DevOps session – I never intended to cover all my slides, the idea was to really provide a simplified version of what DevOps is & how can testers lead its adoption through continuous integration & testing as a first step, the focus was more on the solution part. Rest of few slides I added on tools, Jenkins dashboard etc were more of an FYI so audience get’s some idea & was not intended to go in to details, so the reason to rush through them in last 5 mins or so. But probably it gave an impression to you & may be to others that I was not able to cover entire content which is a fair assessment as an audience I guess if I was not clear about my intentions:)- But thanks again for your blogs, some amazing work that is.

    1. Hi Sujay, thanks for your comment. Your intention to cover only the first half of the slides was not clear for me, because you listed and mentioned all the topics on the agenda slide. Just wanted to give you that feedback. The tools slide is very helpful to start looking for tools. Thanks.

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