Going to EuroSTAR 2015 in Maastricht

It’s only 4 weeks now and I am happily looking forward to be part of the EuroSTAR conference this year in Maastricht, happening from 2-5 November. EuroSTAR invited me as media partner / blogger to share my experience with the world. And I can’t wait for the event start.

It will be only my second testing conference, but I am looking forward to meet many of the great people again whom I met at my first one. And I am looking forward to meet lots of new people. Testers that I know only from Twitter or not all yet. It’s the biggest testing conference of Europe, so I have the chance to meet LOTS of people.

The line-up is awesome. It’s hard to decide which tracks to follow. I made a rough plan already where to go to, but I keep my options open to decide onsite where to go. I already know that I will miss other great talks, and with that knowledge it’s easier to decide where to go. From what I see in the program, everything is great. I can only hope that more folks will blog about the talks that I don’t attend.

For those of you looking for a workshop to attend, check out the list of full-day (Monday) and half-day (Tuesday morning) tutorials / workshops. A lot of great names with a lot of great topics are on the agenda! Use this chance to meet and interact with them.

I will arrive Tuesday around noon, in time before the keynote by Richard van Hooijdonk kicks off the conference part of the event. It will be a look into the future of testing. That’s it for now with my look into the future. Watch this place for updates, especially from November 3rd on!

Thank you Team EuroSTAR for giving me this fantastic chance. Can’t wait to meet you now.


2 thoughts on “Going to EuroSTAR 2015 in Maastricht”

  1. Congrats Test Pappy, I entered the Comp as well so I guess I’ve lost out to a worthy adversary!!

    Enjoy 🙂 “Jim”

    Colin Cherry (from my mobile) This message didn’t kill any trees but it did disturb a few million electrons


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