Looking forward to “Let’s Test”

My current feeling: panic.

It’s only 8 days until take-off to Let’s Test. You read in a tester’s blog and don’t know the Let’s Test Conference? Under which rock were you hiding the past years?

When I joined the CDT community on Twitter back in late 2012, I became aware of really cool testing conferences going on out there in the world of testing. In May 2013 I became aware of the second Let’s Test Conference in Runö, Sweden. For me it became THE tester conference to go to. To add here, I have never been to a tester conference until this day, and it will be another week until I do.
Following Let’s Test 2014 from home, thanks to several attendees via Twitter and blogs enforced my urge to attend this very conference. Thankfully, after a busy and stressful year so far, in October 2014 my boss asked me about the budget 2015, and I said I wanna attend a tester conference. He agreed and asked if there is one on my mind, and if I know what the cost is, so he can put it in the budget. So I made a few calculations and entered the amount for Let’s Test in the budget. When my boss asked me in January, if there is an early bird for the conference I chose, I was aware that the budget is nearly approved. I told him there is, but it’s only until the end of January. And end of that month I got the approval, 2 days before early bird ended. And I registered. One of the best moments so far in 2015.

But now reality is coming closer. I got the conference schedule up my office wall, frequently looking at it. I am following Twitter comments from presenters at Let’s Test getting their presentations together and on first trials. But having lots of tasks currently both at work and at home, my conference preparations are a bit behind.

There are so many folks on the schedule presenting, whom I want to meet in person, because I have discussed with them on Twitter, read their blogs and articles, helped reviewing the book they are writing, or working with them on the Software Testing World Cup judging team for Europe last year. Facing a 12h+ hour program per day, I hope to have the chance to talk with all of them. I am already sorry, that I will miss a lot of presentations that I would really love to see, because there are four awesome threads of presentations going on, and you can only participate at one. The first choice was already to be made when booking, choosing from EIGHT different work shops, of which I would spontaneasouly book 5 to 6, and the remaining 2 to 3 would be interesting, too. But one it is, and I am still happy with the decision.

For the rest of the conferenc I made the decision to decide nothing up front. I read in blogs and comments from last year, that too many people switched their minds over and over, so why make a plan in the first place, when there is no chance for a bad choice on the schedule.

Finally I started investing ways to go from the airport to Runö. The next week will be busy with preparations, that is guaranteed. Maybe that’s the reason for my panic. I hope, when I finally arrive at Munich airport next Sunday, that this will be over and the fun can begin.


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